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Female Wrestling with Francesca le and Afrika
Mixed wrestling video clip preview

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POV headscissors with an Ebony Amazon scissorvixen.

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Mixed wrestling with Afrika
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Mixed wrestling at AfrikanAdventure productions

Ebony Amzon Afrika lifts blonde female wrestler Liz Lightspeed up over her head. Lift and carry with Afrika.


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The Firm- Video Preview
Free video preview of Afrika's Thriller "The Firm" Episode 1. Mixed wrestling action with Afrika appearing from a mans dream and becoming a real life Amazon sent to kill him.
Final Impact - Video Preview
An unfaithful wife attempts to steal her husbands millions. The Firm has been hired to take care of this babe and liquidate her "assets" Afrika and Onyx in a fast paced exciting female wrestling clip. Some very intense female wrestling and combat by Afrika as an assassin sent to finish off bad girl Onyx.
Fists of Fury - Video Preview
Afrika is challenged to mixed wrestling and boxing by a national boxing champ. This guy is one her toughest challengers yet and gives us the best fight we have filmed yet at The boxing scenes are smoking hot!!! Mixed wrestling action by a very strong guy that hopes to beat up Afrika and shut her down.
Afrika Work outs- Preview
Afrika trains hard every day for her wrestling and beat-down sessions. This Amazon has a grueling training regimen that few men could survive never mind a woman. See Afrika training in the gym to keep fit in our new workout series.

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