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Female Wrestler Afrika's Travel plans
Mixed wrestling chat with Afrika.

Call Afrika now! Video Chat LIVE with Afrika Now! Talk Mixed wrestling, fitness, bodybuilding, pro wrestling, acting and about a host of other things. Your chance to talk LIVE with a real life Amazon now. Contact Ebony Amazon Afrika now and let her know just how badly you will defeat her in your next mixed wrestling match! Video chat LIve with an Amazon!
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Afrika has come a long way this past year. Hundreds of long hard hours in the gym training to become a professional wrestler, and sculpting her body back into the shape she had when she competed in professional bodybuilding a few years ago. The Combat wrestling training combined with the pro-wrestling has made her into a dynamic female athlete with the looks of a cover girl and the deadly skills of a Russian commando. Her chiseled physique is now sought after by producers of magazines and calendars. And not to mention her acting debut this past summer in a new feature film with Rob Schneider to be released this fall. Afrika got to play herself in this movie role and even kept her name "Afrika" as the character in the film. Watch for Afrika's acting debut on the silver screen this fall.
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                                      Click on pic to view video preview "Fists of Fury"

Fists of Fury - mixed wrestling and boxing by
Afrika is challenged to mixed boxing and wrestling by a 3 times national boxing champion. Afrika has never been challenged by anyone this strong and versatile at fighting than this guy. He gives Afrika one of her most challenging mixed wrestling matches ever. The boxing sequences are spectacular and we will definitely be shooting more mixed boxing in future shoots. Very tough hard fighting in this match mixing wrestling and boxing together in one very spectacular fight.  Everyone must see "Fists of Fury"

      Click on pic to view video preview "The Firm"
                             View video previews from our newest series "The Firm" Click on photo

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Watch Afrika in a short muscle posing routine followed by some mixed wrestling and then a short boxing beatdown at the end of this mixed wrestling clip which is approx 4 minutes long.
Free Mixed Wrestling Scissors Video clip from DVD "Scissor Queen" click on pic below

She's got legs and she knows how to use them. 27 inch thighs to be exact. Killer legs to squeeeeeeeze you senseless. Afrika has squeeeezed guys unconscious with those deadly thighs. But who wouldn't want to be squeezed by this Ebony Amazon anyways. 40 minutes of head-squeeeezing, head-scissoring action. Non-stop head and body scissors with muscular thighs that could easily crush your skull. Every head scissor lock imaginable is used here to torment this guy. And Afrika does it with a delicious smile on her face throughout this video. You just know she delights in beating up guys and headscissoring them into submission. Way past a mere tapout. You don't tap out with Afrika. She lets you go when she feels like letting up on the pressure. When you've finally had enough punishment. Ebony Amazon Afrika in an awesome series of punishing head and body scissors action.

Black Ice featuring Afrika in mixed submission wrestling. Click on Pic for video preview.

Ever wanted to know what it's like to be in a mixed wrestling session with Afrika? Watch this series and you'll find out. Ebony Amazon Afrika in complete control taking her opponent from one end of the mat to the other. No other female wrestler on the planet compares with this babe. She's completely confident, in control, and wrestles you into submission as easily as if she were reading a book. She may as well be reading a book wrestling against most of you guys. Beating up guys never looked this easy. The sheer power of this girl is amazing to watch. And boy does she ever like to fight. One the best wrestlers in the world dishing out some punishment to her male victim.

For even more previews of Afrika mixed wrestling video clips go HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

Pro style Mixed Wrestling Video Clip "The Queen of Pain" 7megs WMV format

Afrika in one of our pro-style wrestling videos titled
"The Queen of Pain"
In WMV format and can be downloaded and seen almost full-screen.
To save video clip, right-click on pic and select target save-as. 7 megs.
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Ebony Amazon Afrika would LOVE to take you down and rough you up. Sit on your chest with her 175 lb of muscle. Choke you into submission and SQUEEEZE your skull between her massive thighs. Ever had 175 lbs of female muscle hold you down, her knees on top of your biceps, grinding them into the mats, your arms screaming for mercy from the pain of being held high over your head with those massive THIGHS digging into the muscle of your biceps. No amount of thrashing able to dislodge her. Her smiling face just inches from yours as she mocks your futile attempts to get away. Your labored breathing coming in gasps from 175lbs on your chest as you thrash and try to roll away. And then she rolls you over into a thigh headscissors, and squeezes you senseless, and all the while she's laughing in the background. Mixed wrestling domination by a very strong capable Ebony Amazon. Not only is she gorgeous but she just LOVES to wrestle you down.

Over 2000 photos, 150 full screen size video clips inside.
Videos, photo galleries, mixed wrestling, female wrestling, fantasy and custom matches available through my members site.

Real Submission Mixed wrestling sessions available in Los Angeles. E-mail Afrika HERE.

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Want to climb onto the mats with Afrika for the fight of your life or just a very realistic rough-house Mixed Wrestling Fantasy Session? Want to feel the power of a really strong woman? Be SQUEEZED almost into oblivion??  Have your arms twisted into French Pretzels? Check out her thighs (They are REALLY BIG and MUSCULAR - perfect for squeezing your head and neck) and then check out these pics and decide if you want to wrestle this Amazon or just JOIN her site and watch! Either way it'll be fun. Who knows, you might even get brave enough to E-mail her for a mixed wrestling session after seeing this gorgeous babe in action. Who wouldn't want to be manhandled by her anyways?
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