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Mixed wrestling, lift and carry, beatdowns and Ebony Amazon Afrika the Queen of Pain!

Ebony Femdom POV


Credit Card Takeover

Ebony Amazon's session is over and her loser victim is lying at her feet beaten and humiliated. Now it's time to take his wallet and start getting those pin numbers to all of the credit cards so she can go shopping. Financial domination is so much fun when you get wifey involved so Ebony Amazon uses her victims phone to call his wife and let her know she'll be needing a second job to help pay for all of the credit card debt Ebony Amazon plans on spending. Besides that trip to her favorite expensive lingerie store just cannot wait any longer and of course she'll be needing some new boots to trample her beaten session boys with. This is going to be one expensive wrestling session for this beaten down wimp at her feet.

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Your unable to withstand the power of my thighs wimp! Just a few seconds of squeezing and you pass out like the puny miserable wuss that you are. Well welcome to Afrika's bootcamp wimp. I'm going to put on my thigh high boots and trample your dumb ass and get you into shape for our next session. Toughen you up Bitch so you can finally take it like a man for once. Whatsamatter bitches I'm only a girl. You don't think I could hurt you with my thick 27 inch thighs do you?

Now listen up wimps. No wrestling in this clip. This is POV only Bitches!! My new series of POV domination. I dominate you in the ring, on the mats, and now on your computer. Now get on your knees and worship this clip. Afrika the Queen of Pain!!

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Clips4sale clips


Female Wrestling Crush Parts 1-4

Frankie in sexy patterned pantyhose and Shelly Martinez in a black bikini. Both girls out to choke out and bitch slap the other . Scissorholds, choking, punches and pro style holds in this sexy cat fight. Both girls are accomplished female wrestlers and you are waiting on the edge of your seat waiting to see who wins this one. You won't know till the very end of this clip just who wins this. Just when you think there is a clear dominant cat fighting winner............Great ending.

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Female wrestling clips



Shiny Wrestling Tights 4

Afrika looks down at Onyx sprawled on the canvas like a rag doll. "Look at you your all beat up!!" Onyx looks up at Afrika and remarks, "But I look good in my Shiny tights don't I??"
Afrika throws Onyx around effortlessly. She picks her up in a lift and carry and just walks around the ring carrying her over her shoulder like she is weightless. Then she throws her to the canvas and gets her head between those tree trunk size legs and squeezes her without mercy. Onyx shrieks in pain but gets no relief. She is headscissored for quite some time while she thrashes about with her legs but there is no way she's getting out from between those big strong thighs.
Lift and carry and scissorhold domination by Ebony Amazon Afrika

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Female pro wrestling tights



Black "Girl Power" Compilation Parts 001-003

Strong Ebony wrestler overpowers and dominates an average Joe with no wrestling experience. She dominates him from the opening takedown and scissors him and controls his every move. Sexy , long ebony muscular thighs to wrap around your head and squeeze you with. She loves to dominate men and this is so much fun for her. For mixed wrestling fans that like to see an average Joe get CRUSHED by a strong black amazon girl.
Mixed wrestling, some booty drops, and best of all a great lift and carry scene up a flight of stairs. She also briefly lifts him wearing her spike heels which is shot from behind showing off Empress fabulous ebony thighs and calves. Get this clip if only just to get her contact info to be in one of these lift and carry videos or be beat down by a strong gorgeous ebony girl. She's actively looking for victims for her videos. This could be you!! The bloopers were left in at the end purely to ogle her fabulous fishnet thighs over and over again and are approx 3 minutes long.

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Ebony female wrestler Empress



Black Girl Power 2

Outmuscled by a big strong girl with strong lethal thighs. Mistress Empress controls him and squeezes him with her powrful thighs. Her scissors have lots of power. He gets caught in a couple of breast smothers that we are sure he did not try to even get out of. He was in that hold way too long. She's one of of those big strong amazons that just has a natural strength and with those long sexy thighs and long ams she's got you wrapped up like a pretzel before you know it. No average guy thinks a girl can out muscle him on the mats and this shows what can happen when the average joe runs into a strong girl with some wrestling skills. He gets crushed and beaten by an Amazon Mistress Empress.

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Black female wrestler

Female Wrestling Power


Final Impact DVD

The full version of our very popular series Final Impact parts 1-9. "The Firm" series featuring Afrika as the female assassin hired to liquidate "Onyx" who plays an unfaithful wife out to steal all of her husbands assets. Afrika is sent to finish her off in this action packed girl-girl fight scenario that has Onyx fighting for her life at the hands of Afrika. Afrika all in black complete with leather boots. Choking, sleeper holds, scissorholds, and a fabulous fight that lasts almost 28 minutes. This is a must see of female fighting and wrestling with non-stop action throughout. THey start at the front door and fight their way through the house. Afrika a hired assassin out to kill and liquidate a bitch of a wife trying to steal her husbands millions.

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Gorgeous female wrestlers

Mixed wrestling Power


Panty Thief 06

This ebony amazon, this powerful woman beats down a panty thief, sits on his face, slaps him around and scissors his head interrogating him about his thievery in her house. Hard stomach punches while she sits on his chest and a humiliating beatdown from a true amazon. She has big legs that she wraps around his head and squeezes with in a vicegrip scissorhold.. Mixed wrestling domination with a very powerful woman. Mixed wrestling beatdown with Mistress Empress.

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Strong Ebony Thighs

Female wrestling with Afrika


Mean Machine 01

She's bad. She's mean. And she's hotter than a shotgun shell. Afrika is challenged by Christine Dupree in the ring and does not believe that this will even be a fair matchup. Christine looks ripped and cut and ready for action. Don't mess with Christine. She's got jiu jitsu skills to cut you down to size with. Afrika comes at her like a freight train and throws her around the ring like a frisbee. She loves to get her opponents across her back and carry them around like she's going for an afternoon walk. Strongly manhandled in this clip by Afrika is the ever popular Christine Dupree.

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Catfighting Bitches

Female Pro wrestling clips


Afrika vs Vanessa Rematch 04

She's got 27 inch thighs and matching 17 inch biceps. She's an ebony amazon and she's here to prove once and for all she's the Queen of the ring. The Queen of pain. She's not used to losing a match and being reminded about it from her fans. This match would be different. Afrika returns to the ring with a vengeance. Female wrestling with Ebony Amazon Afrika and Vanessa.

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Women's pro wrestling holds

Mixed wrestling muscle girl Afrika


Scissored and BeatDown 03

Ebony beatdown Queen Afrika takes her victim down and puts the squeeeze on him with her huge muscular thighs in a python squeeze. She decides a painful camel clutch would be fun to try out on him for some co-operation. Then she scissors an arm and puts his head in a tight chokehold. Nothing like an Ebony beatdown for a deadbeat employee that refuses to correct his mistakes. Mixed wrestling domination with Afrika.

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Ebony muscle girls wrestling

Shelly Martinez as a hired assassin.


Death Sentence 04

Shelly Martinez as "Touchme Deadly" a female amazon assassin for the "Firm". Touchme fights Rachel in a wherehouse setting her up for liquidation. Action packed female wrestling thriller with lots of fight sequences. If you enjoy females fighting in realistic fight scenes you will love this series of clips.

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Female wrestling scissorholds

Mixed boxing with Afrika


Fists of Fury 05

He may be a tough guy in the boxing ring but on the wrestling mats Afrika rules. She takes him down and puts him in a sleeper hold and choke. Then she wraps those 27 inch thighs around him in a squeezing waistscissors, combined with the sleeper hold.

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Mixed boxing with ebony amazon Afrika


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